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Bobby Barr was probably one of the most iconic characters ever to emerge from the town of Kettering and his passing in 2019 left a huge void in the lives of so many he touched.

Because he was the 10th of eleven children, he liked to tag himself '10 Bob Barr!' His passion for Northern Soul music meant he became a much loved figure in venues all across the country. Immediately recognisable through his distinctive blonde mop and trademark specs, he would inevitably be immaculately attired whether in tailored threads or some outrageous fluoresecent lime green concoction. Everything seemed to look good on this man as he'd strut resolutely into any company.

Everyone seemed to know Bob and no one had a bad word to say about him. How could they, when the mention of his name of his name always drew a smile.

Soul music was his passion and dancing his expression. The dancefloor was where he happily surrendered to his emotions for he never had any trials or tribulations when 'the Soul' took over.

This compilation consists of tracks which his friends associate him with. Often the opening bars would summon him onto the dancefloor where he seemed to perform better with the passing years whilst other tracks are testimony to the sensitivity and tenderness of the man. 

If you knew the man, you'll realise the effect of them. If not, I'm sure you'll appreciate the quality, the emotion and the sentiments of the tunes selected. Either way, we hope it helps towards commemorating the life of a man who touched so many to great effect and know that your contribution will be helping those in need of mental health support.  

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